Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Eros' Surprise Party

September 17, 2010, Friday night

SURPRISE!!! That's what we shouted when he got home and apparently, he was so surprised! :D

Me with the Birthday Boy! ♥

The cake. It was plain white. We just added some candles and designs to give it some life. :)

The Chocolate Kiss Cakeshop bought by Zeus in Makati.

We wrote our birthday greetings for him on a big card, which i bought on that same day. :)

Banner made by Zeus, Eros' brother. 'Soulmate' is what Eros and I call each other. 'Pok' is what his family and friends call him. And 'Erot', is what their ex-maid call him. Hahaha!

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