Friday, July 31, 2009

Makeover By Bravo

I checked out and found this awesome makeover at the style section.
It was funny how i look after changing my hair. But it's lovely though. Isn't it? :)

I also made fun of my graduation picture and it turns out great. How cool is that? LOL!
Anyway, i love the hair color. ;)



After couple of days I've been wanting to have a blog, I got the determination to sign up and start my own, finally. Hahaha! And I am so excited about this thing. :P

This is what my 'About Me' section in Friendster looks like.

About Me:

I love to write about life, my life preferably, and what is going on with it at least every week if not every single day, or hour or minute. :) BUT, i am too lazy to do and write about those stuffs. So does it mean that my love for blogging might end up in NOTHING? Well, no. Sooner or later i will have that BLOG where i can express myself, my style, my thoughts and whatever it is that i want to share. Or maybe whatever comes to my mind, apparently.


So here it is, my first ever blog. :)