Saturday, August 1, 2009


A month ago after i applied and was almost hired, my mom told me that the hiring for that company was stopped for some reasons. What?! I mean i already signed up a pre-employment package with them, had my medical and passed the requirements and i'm just waiting for their call so i could know when to start. But there, i lost the opportunity. Life is harsh.

Maybe that chance wasn't really for me. God has better plans and i truly believe that everything happens for a reason. (my favorite quote) haha.

So for now, i'm back to being a bum. I'm still a bum. But am i really frustrated? Well, i'm not. hahaha! In fact, i'm happy because i'm not working yet. I'm not ready. My dad told me to just relax for a while because he had his new job already. And that's what i'm doing right now. LOL. ;))

But one thing i'm worried about is the money i'm going to spend for shopping. You know. :) Of course spending money from your parents and spending money from your own hardwork are two different things. Coz when you have a job, you get to spend for everything that you'll want without feeling guilty of being impulsive at times. I may have money now but what's next? I don't want to be broke. :( I must say i really need a job.


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